Yenyere Dance Studio



From Cali, Colombia




We offer a healthy recreational space that promotes values ​​and historical knowledge of the different genres of dance. We are focused on reaching all people interested in learning regardless of their age and gender so that they can live in a space where they can dance, appreciate and share the different dance genres in harmony, coexistence and friendship.




Position yourself as one of the best academies in the world, forming new generations of professional dance groups and couples that can stand out nationally and internationally. Also promote and educate people about the culture of dance so that many generations continue with the legacy of dance, socially and professionally.


Hans Bos


While I dance I can not judge. I can not hate, I can not separate myself from life. I can only be happy and whole. That's why I dance.




Yenyere Dance Studio was created in 2014 in the city of San Antonio Texas with the name of Yenyere Caleño, this group was made up of young people of Colombian origin from the city of Cali Colombia, which had the support of Semeneya Dance Studio one of the most recognized dance studios in Texas along with them came to make many important achievements in the artistic formation of Yenyere, participating in world congresses and television programs such as "I have a lot of talent Talent" in the city of Los Angeles California these young people they stood out in the program for their dancing and for being something imnovador in that season, in 2015 they participate in "America Got Talent" Mel B one of the members of the jury said "you deliverd a killer on point performance". In the year 2017 Yenyere Caleño becomes independent and takes the name of Yenyere Dance Studio in the state of New Jersey, where they continue to teach and expand their culture working with young people of all ages and adults who love dancing, Yenyere Dance Studio continues in its process of reaching all its goals together with people who love and who are passionate about dancing.




3804 New York Ave, Union City, NJ 07087, EE.UU.